"You should go on Shark Tank"

   The most frequent question I receive is, "Where did you come up with the idea for I scream cakes?!" The next one would be, "What's your favorite dessert to make?" To be honest, I scream cakes weren't just an idea that popped into my head. And when you have a sweet tooth like mine, you can't discriminate!

   I have worked in the culinary industry since high school, so I've learned a lot of different things in different kitchens. My passion for pastry developed as I was in that part of my apprenticeship program in college. I just loved plate design and of course, tasting my project as I was making it! I had some training with chocolate making, and I thought, "It would be cool to come up with a unique filling for chocolates. Something different." 

   One night in October 2013, I'm sitting around my sister's dinner table with the rest of my family and we start talking about my idea to do something different for dessert. I knew I didn't want to own a bakery. I wanted a product, and I knew it had to be different from anything out there. Conversation about a uniquely filled chocolate came up and my love of cake and ice cream was something I wanted to incorporate. A LOT of testing (and sampling) started with the shape, size, and recipes. Eventually, I loved what I had developed. It was just the right size, made with basic ingredients, and tasted really good.

   Most everyone who has tried or seen I scream cakes says the same thing, "You should go on Shark Tank." Or "I've never seen anything like this before." So at least part of my goal has been achieved. I want everyone to enjoy something they love, just in different form. Cake, I scream, and Chocolate as an I scream cake!